Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Spring Into Action!

Spring has sprung…a time of growth and new beginnings!  If you have ever thought about what you could do to make a healthy difference for kids, but haven’t yet taken the Challenge, now is the time!   All month, find easy to do ideas for springing into action!

Hear – See – Do Activities

  • Set routine times to take action.  Pick a day of the week like Friday. Choose a set time for 10-15 minutes to take action.  Consider before lunch or at the end of the day.
  • Begin with a topic like “Snack Attack”, a subject to which we can all relate. Bring in a label of a popular snack food (or bring it up on a smart board).
  • Identify the information on the Nutrition Facts label, specifically the serving size, and the amount of sugar and fat. (4 grams of either sugar or fat is 1 tsp.).
  • Ask kids to identify which facts identify the snack as a healthy choice or less healthy.  If less healthy, have them discuss choices they might make for good balance (smaller portions, choosing it less often, making a healthier choice).