Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Make Nutrition Education Easy

Balance My Day nutrition education curriculum for kids meets your needs with flexible, standards-based lessons.

Try Healthy Kids Challenge Tools

Use our flexible BMD nutrition lessons, WOWS Newsletter, and other resources to take healthy actions with kids.

All of the HKC Healthy6 printables coordinate to make taking healthy actions easier. Make the most of these connections to boost the healthy impact:

  1. Use the Classroom and Afterschool activities and the WOWS newsletter ideas to teach a Healthy6 message to kids.
  2. Then, have the class practice what they have heard by using a Healthy Me Challenge to set goals.
  3. Complete the circle to reinforce the healthy behavior by sending home the corresponding Parent Tip sheet.

Comprehensive nutrition activities for kids that are easy to teach and easy to learn.

It is proven that academic achievement is linked to kids' nutrition and physical activity status. With Balance My Day™, kids learn skills to build healthy habits for better health and academic success with the HKC Hear-See-Do approach! Hands-on lessons cover the Healthy Kids Challenge Healthy6 key behaviors: healthy breakfast, snacks, beverages, portion sizes, fruits and veggies, and active play, with a special emphasis on energy balance and healthy eating skills.

Lessons easily integrate into core subjects like math, science, and language arts; and are based on CDC's HECAT standards.

“Teachers report that the nutrition lessons require very little prep time can easily fit into a busy school day, and best of all - the students enjoy them!” RU-Fit Education Coordinator, Dickinson, ND

Balance My Day can meet any nutrition education need.

Easily integrate nutrition lessons into core curriculum.

Whether it is a simple, one-minute idea, all the way to a completely comprehensive curriculum, you can make the most of Balance My Day™ in your own unique way. It even meets PEP grant requirements for instruction in healthy eating habits and enabling behavior changes in fruit and vegetable intake.

Simple and fun nutrition and movement ideas.

Healthy Balance Snack Habits and Choices

Kids will identify healthy snack choices from MyPlate and how turning off the TV while eating is a healthy habit. (for grades PreK-2)

Talk with kids about how the Couch Potato lays around all day, but has decided he can feel better, look better and have energy to play more if he turns off the TV and chooses a healthy snack.

Talk about how fruits make a good choice as part of a healthy snack.

Explain you are going to ask kids to name some of their favorite fruits. Ask the group to call out the color of the fruit every time one is named. Let them know that for each color you will have them do a different physical activity (For example: Red-hop 2 times; Yellow/Orange-turn a circle; or Green-march 3 times). For 2nd graders, practice spelling the colors while doing the movement.

Look at the MyPlate icon and have the group identify where fruit is. Talk about how other snack choices are found in different groups like crackers from the Grains group.

Finish the activity by asking kids what the Couch Potato was going to do to feel better, look better, and have more energy to play (Turn off the TV and choose a healthy snack.).